The Nishinippon Business Forum, Fukuoka-Japan: November 30th 2016

On November 30th, at the Nishinippon Shimbun Building in Fukuoka has taken place the fourth edition of the Nishinippon Business Forum. The Forum has the official patronage of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Ministry of Economy of Japan and the Japan Business Federation. From this year it also has the media partnership of AGI – Agenzia Giornalistica Italia.

The Forum opened with the usual main conference, this year entitled: “Sceneries and perspectives for new international synergies: the role of Nishinippon in world economic dynamics”, where the various speakers offered their valuable insight and provided interesting and new visions and considerations.
Among the speakers were present high institutional figures and representatives of major players in the business field both in Italy and Japan.
Concurrently with the conference, various work sessions and confidential meetings between firms of numerous sectors took place, in particular IT and Food Industry, in order to improve the formation of partnerships and sharing of ideas and strategies.
Part of the Forum has been dedicated to the presentation of two exclusive documents prepared specifically on this occasion by the Think Tank.
The document, “Guida al business in Giappone 2016” (Guide to Business in Japan 2016 ed.) has been created in order to provide Italian firms and institutions the required insight and tools to invest in the archipelago.
The report of geopolitical analysis “A new momentum in Russo-Japanese relations?” inquires the possible economic and political consequences of President Vladimir Putin’s visit in Japan on December 15th, with the inclusion of considerations regarding possible advantages for Italian companies.

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The Nishinippon Business Forum, Fukuoka-Japan: November 25th 2015

The Made in Italy and Made in Japan, as a market value and as a tool for a bilateral cooperation, was the main topic on which the 2015 forum was focused. During this important meeting the representatives of the highest levels of the Japanese and Italian institutional, entrepreneurial and academic community discussed about very important issues for the global economy.

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The Nishinippon Business Forum, Fukuoka-Japan: November 27th 2014

The event was incentrated on the role of the Small-Medium Enterprises as a sustainable growth proxy, particularly focused on the businesses that represent the excellence and the values of the territory. The representatives of the Japanese Institutions, Diplomats from the guest countries, enterprises and banks which operate in Western Japan, were present.

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The Nishinippon Business Forum, Fukuoka-Japan: December 5th 2013

The first edition of the “Nishinippon Business Forum”, focused on a critical analysis of the potential challenges of doing international business in the Western part of Japan.
It covered many insights concerning the numerous business opportunities that can be found in Nishinippon.
In addition to diplomatic and institutional representatives of several countries (Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and France), local institutions, a large number of some of the biggest companies based in the region took part to the forum as guests.

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