The Nishinippon Business Forum is a public-private Think Tank.

The Forum is a nonpartisan and independent organization, founded in 2013 in Fukuoka, Japan, where it is currently based.

Its members are representative of the most important areas of Europe and Asia and are provided by the Forum the opportunity to confront and discuss over issues connected with the role of Western Japan in the international stage.

The purpose of the forum is to offer to its members a meeting place where a permanent debate can enhance the themes connected to the role of the Western Japan to the world’s politico-economical context.

The annual reunion represents the climax of this permanent debate.

It is composed of various seminars and bilateral meetings over specific topics.


The founding member – Japan Italy Economic Federation

The federation has been founded in 2015 and assembles many leading firms whose interests are connected with Italy.

The purpose of the organization is the strengthening of dialogue and partnerships between the two countries and, at the same time, aims to build a stable observation deck in Japan, from which monitor the economic and political dynamics of the Asian region.

The Nishinippon Business Forum is the name of the annual meeting held by the Think Tank having the same name. It was founded by the Federation in association with the Japanese business and institutional community and all the foreign countries involved in East Asia. Hence, the very nature of the Forum makes it the natural setting for a debate concerning the “sceneries and perspectives for new international synergies” having southwestern Japan as a crucial tie for economic and political balances in Asia, in order to provide its country members a space dedicated to the analysis of the international trends currently developing in the region as well as their possible consequences.

In the last four years, the Think Tank has been using this event as an annual meeting, giving its members the possibility of a welcoming environment for confrontation and dialogue.

Fukuoka has been chosen in consideration of its position and its importance.

The island of Kyushu, of which it is one of the most important cities, is a privileged viewpoint to observe the unfolding new scenarios and trends in global politics.

The southwest of Japan has thus gaining more and more importance due to its strategic position in East Asia.

The Forum, which gathers on an invitation-only bases, sees delegates from Japanese, Italian and international institutions and firms come together to strengthen partnerships and exploit business chances. Every year this process sees the birth of new close interactions among top-level decision makers.